New Releases For April 3, 2012

Love On A Real Train
Love On A Real Train

Love On A Real Train - Love On A Real Train

What started out as midnight tokes in the basement of his Echo Park house, turned into the first full-fledged 'solo' record by Joachim Cooder. Solo is in quotes because unlike every other artist clamoring for the spotlight or making sure to tell you how they have no interest in the spotlight, Joachim Cooder truly has no interest in fame. Instead, he chose to put his friends in forefront - featuring them by creating lush tracks for them to write lyrics over.

Joined by his peers Inara George, Matt Costa, Petra Haden, Robert Francis, Frank Lyon, Jon Hassell, and wife Juliette Commagere, Love On A Real Train is a timeless effort, and will speak to your heart.

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"Strike Up Your Matches"


  1. 1. Space Shells
  2. 2. Bright Light Blue
  3. 3. Pointed Into Zoom
  4. 4. Being Alone
  5. 5. Slowly In The Night
  6. 6. Strike Up Your Matches
  7. 7. Gold
  8. 8. Come Home
  9. 9. Shinkansen