New Releases For August 14, 2012

Eve To Dawn

Loudness - Eve To Dawn

'The fact is, Loudness is still held in the highest of regards... even in 2011. This will be obvious to all who listen to their 26th original album, Eve To Dawn...obviously referring to their debut album, The Birthday Eve released in 1981. This title indicates the past 30 years are 'eve' to 'present' and the truth is that the band is now seeing a new dawn. We can intuit that they are expressing their intentions to keep rockin' for many more coming years.' - Yuichi Masuda

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"The Power Of Truth"


  1. 1. A Light In The Dark
  2. 2. The Power Of Truth
  3. 3. Come Alive Again
  4. 4. Survivor
  5. 5. Keep You Burning
  6. 6. Gonna Do It My Way
  7. 7. Hang Tough
  8. 8. Emotions
  9. 9. Comes The Dawn
  10. 10. Pandra
  11. 11. Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!