New Releases For February 19, 2013


Lotus - Build

With a foundation of beats evoking vinyl breaks, house, and big-beat, Lotus has crafted an album in Build that propels through ten tracks with no wasted moments. Live drums, guitar, organ, and horns come drenched in classic analog luxuriance, but this is no retro love affair.

The unmistakable sound of a tight live band is at the heart of the music, but there is no display of virtuosity. This is the sound of a band that has spent years rocking live crowds distilled to a strong studio concentrate of body-moving beats and muscular melodies.

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  1. 1. Break Build Burn
  2. 2. Massif
  3. 3. What Did I Do Wrong
  4. 4. Uffi
  5. 5. Middle Road
  6. 6. Kodiak
  7. 7. Cutinuo
  8. 8. Ashcon
  9. 9. Neon Tubes Part 1
  10. 10. Neon Tubes Part 2

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Nov 13
    Harrisburg, PA, US Lotus at Club XL
  • Nov 14
    Harrisburg, PA, US Lotus at Club XL
  • Jul 08
    Scranton, PA, US The Disco Biscuits, BASSNECTAR, GRiZ, Tipper, and 47 moreā€¦ at Pavilion at Montage Mountain
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