New Releases For August 19, 2014

Lost Dog Found
Dine On Danger

Lost Dog Found - Dine On Danger

The San Francisco Bay Area's award-winning band exhibits their uniquely modern blend of retro-Americana genres that combines jazz, swing, rock, and soul on their second full length album, Dine On Danger,jus a high-energy collection of 10 all-original songs about love, happiness, heartbreak, and hangovers.

TAGS: Americana | Blues | Jazz | Swing

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"Nobody Loves Me Like You Do"


  1. 1. Hot Swing Is Back
  2. 2. The Big Stomper
  3. 3. The Ghost Of Johnny Walker
  4. 4. These Times Are Tough (But Baby So Are We)
  5. 5. I'm Not Crying For You
  6. 6. Dine On Danger
  7. 7. Give Me Love
  8. 8. I Never Thought You Would Make It
  9. 9. You Are The Kind Of Girl
  10. 10. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do