New Releases For March 29, 2011

Los Lonely Boys

Los Lonely Boys - Rockpango

Hailed by All Music Guide as 'one of America's premier rock bands,' Los Lonely Boys expand and enhance their trademark all-embracing Texican rock'n'roll sound on Rockpango, the band's fourth and finest studio album yet. Continuing to creatively draw from and meld blues, rock from classic to modern, soul, their Latino heritage and even snippets of hip-hop, jazz and more, they display greater assurance, creativity and sophistication than ever on their new disc while continuing to offer infectious music that goes straight to the heart.

TAGS: Americana

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"American Idle"


  1. 1. American Idle
  2. 2. Fly Away
  3. 3. Love In My Veins
  4. 4. Road To Nowhere
  5. 5. 16 Monkeys
  6. 6. Rockpango
  7. 7. Smile
  8. 8. Baby Girl
  9. 9. Change The World
  10. 10. Porn Star
  11. 11. Believe

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