New Releases For April 23, 2013

Lori McKenna

Lori McKenna - Massachusetts

Massachusetts is an ostensibly real place. But Massachusetts is also a symbolic name for the emotional geography of Lori McKenna's songs.

There are strong resemblances between Lori McKenna's Massachusetts and the real thing. Both are infused with history, where every turn takes you down some road with a tale to tell, maybe a story of your own or of the ones who came before, with hopes and dreams and loves and losses just like yours. They are places of extremes, where love can be a perfect summer day or a bleak November sky, and life can be as wistful as the dead of winter reminiscing of a greener spring.

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  1. 1. Salt
  2. 2. My Love Follows You Where You Go
  3. 3. Susanna
  4. 4. Smaller And Smaller
  5. 5. Make Every Word Count
  6. 6. Shake
  7. 7. How Romantic Is That
  8. 8. Shouting
  9. 9. Better With Time
  10. 10. Take Me With You When You Go
  11. 11. Love Can Put It Back Together
  12. 12. Grown Up Now

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