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Never Enders

Lonestar - Never Enders

Never Enders finds Lonestar in top form on a sparkling set of all-new songs in the mold of their biggest hits, showing that the Lonestar formula works as well as ever. There is the inspirational, upbeat anthem “Never Enders,” the nostalgic “My Own Hometown,” and the heart-tugging romance of “I Know It Was You.” This album delivers the classic Lonestar sound their fans crave.

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"Never Enders"


  1. 1. Never Enders
  2. 2. I Know It Was You
  3. 3. My Own Hometown
  4. 4. Twice
  5. 5. This Time
  6. 6. I’ve Been Wrong Before
  7. 7. I Want A Love
  8. 8. Us
  9. 9. Here We Go Again
  10. 10. Boomerang

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 21
    Albany, OR, US Lonestar at Linn County Fair & Expo Center
  • Jul 26
    Tooele, UT, US Lonestar at Unknown venue
  • Jul 28
    Denver, CO, US Lonestar at Grizzly Rose
  • Aug 02
    York, PA, US York County Fair 2018
  • Aug 10
    Milledgeville, IL, US Lonestar at Carroll County Fair
  • Aug 16
    Worley, ID, US Lonestar at Couer D'Alene Casino Resort hotel
  • Aug 17
    John Day, OR, US Lonestar at Grant County Fairgrounds
  • Aug 30
    Bay City, MI, US Lonestar at Wenonah Park
  • Sep 06
    Marion, OH, US Marion Popcorn Festival 2018
  • Sep 22
    Selma, NC, US Farm Fest 2018
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