New Releases For April 28, 2017

Lock Up

Lock Up - Demonization

After amicably parting company with long-standing vocalist and metal brother Tomas Lindberg, Lock Up were honored to have Kevin Sharp step up to the plate and infuse the band with his unique take on pan-demonic grind and death hybrid attack. As a long, long standing friend of the band, Kevin has added flavors to the already fermenting satanic cocktail of disharmony. A pot that is stirred ferociously with Anton's insane, twisted riffs, Nick’s mentally charged drum beating and Shane's sub tone demonic bass growls. The dregs of Hades have a new strand of demented DNA. It just doesn't get any better. Watch the eagles fly.

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"The Decay Within The Abyss"


  1. 1. Blood And Emptiness
  2. 2. The Decay Within The Abyss
  3. 3. Locust
  4. 4. Demonization
  5. 5. Demons Raging
  6. 6. Desolation Architect
  7. 7. Instruments Of Armageddon
  8. 8. Sunk
  9. 9. The Plague That Stalks The Darkness
  10. 10. Foul From The Pure
  11. 11. Mind Fight
  12. 12. Void
  13. 13. Secret Parallel World
  14. 14. We Challenge Death
  15. 15. Life To Grave*
  16. 16. Shut The Light*
  17. * Bonus Tracks On Digipack Version Only