New Releases For August 4, 2017

Liv Slingerland
Come Back To Me (EP)

Liv Slingerland - Come Back To Me (EP)

Liv Slingerland is an alternative rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2016, Liv self-released her band’s first single, “Shouldn’t Bother,” and has now added two tracks to complete their debut EP, Come Back To Me, co-produced by Scott Heiner. Slingerland’s second single, “Hold On To,” was described as “anthemic,” “vibrant,” and “reminiscent of the ‘90s” in the track’s premiere on L.A. music and lifestyle blog, Grimy Goods. The EP’s final statement, “Come Back To Me,” captures the band’s young twenty-something angst and highlights Slingerland’s versatile guitar work and punchy vocal styling.

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"Shouldn’t Bother"


  1. 1. Shouldn’t Bother
  2. 2. Hold On To
  3. 3. Come Back To Me