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Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars - Ephemera

Little Green Cars sophomore album, Ephemera, produced by Rob Kirwan (Hozier), is a gorgeous grown-up about, well, growing up. A dozen exquisitely-crafted, exceptionally-sung songs shimmer with the myriad of emotions the band has been through - restlessness, regret, love, heartbreak, hope and acceptance among them. Now all in their early 20s, the band have spent the last three years of their lives touring the globe, touring with Hozier, Jake Bugg and others on the heels of their widely acclaimed 2013 debut album, Absolute Zero.

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"Easier Day"


  1. 1. The Song They Play Every Night
  2. 2. You Vs Me
  3. 3. Easier Day
  4. 4. The Garden Of Death
  5. 5. Brother
  6. 6. Clare De Lune
  7. 7. Ok Ok Ok
  8. 8. The Party
  9. 9. I Don't Even Know Who
  10. 10. Good Women Do
  11. 11. Winds Of Peace
  12. 12. The Factory