New Releases For October 30, 2015

Little Faith

Little Faith - Eternity

Jazz-informed, all-Gospel combo Little Faith reach back to American music’s bedrock for a genuinely inspirational sound, and the results are nothing less than electrifying. With Eternity, their third release, the band’s combination of traditional spiritual standards and original compositions creates an engaging, irresistible set of songs, delivered with an emphasis on gospel’s expressive power that eschews religious proselytizing in favor of spreading simple, secular musical joy.

TAGS: Americana | Gospel | R&B | Soul

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"All The People Shout"


  1. 1. All The People Shout
  2. 2. Didn’t It Rain
  3. 3. Carry Me
  4. 4. Wade In The Water
  5. 5. The Last Time
  6. 6. Change
  7. 7. Raise Your Hand
  8. 8. Last Train
  9. 9. Come On Up To The House
  10. 10. There Will Be Life
  11. 11. Eternity