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Lita Ford
Living Like A Runaway

Lita Ford - Living Like A Runaway

Lita Ford teamed up with producer Gary Hoey and lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig for her new album Living Like A Runaway. To Lita, the title of her new solo album has two deep and distinct meanings: The first refers to her first band the Runaways, which she was a member of between 1975 and 1980, achieving her international breakthrough.

The second reason is of a much more personal nature: 'There have been days in my life when I ran away, when I was unhappy and had to get out of my previous life,' Lita confesses. 'It's like walking through fire and being able to come through the other side unscathed.'

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal | Rock

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"Living Like A Runaway"


  1. 1. Branded
  2. 2. Hate
  3. 3. The Mask
  4. 4. Living Like A Runaway
  5. 5. Relentless
  6. 6. Mother
  7. 7. Devil In My Head
  8. 8. Asylum
  9. 9. Love 2 Hate U
  10. 10. A Song to Slit Your Wrists By

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 09
    Portland, OR, US Lita Ford at Dante's
  • Jul 01
    Tunica, MS, US Lita Ford at Tunica Roadhouse Casino
  • Jul 13
    Cadott, WI, US Rock Fest 2017
  • Aug 12
    Keller, TX, US Lita Ford at Black Hole Theater
  • Sep 30
    Medina, MN, US April Wine and Lita Ford at Medina Entertainment Center
  • Feb 11
    Miami, FL, US Monsters of Rock Cruise 2018
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