New Releases For June 19, 2012

The View From The Bottom

Lit - The View From The Bottom

The View From The Bottom is Lit's fifth studio album, and first release since 2004. The band's story in the interim is one rife with situations of triumph over tribulation, but they come to us now with an album that is inherently theirs. The end result is one driven by 12 propulsive tracks offering a balanced, diverse listening experience that finds cohesiveness in both its tone and songwriting prowess.

Lit is now prepared to both re-excite their longtime fans and win over new ones, in hopes that listeners will see the past ten years as a success story.

TAGS: Alternative | Rock

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"You Tonight"


  1. 1. C'mon
  2. 2. You Tonight
  3. 3. Same Shit, Different Drink
  4. 4. Miss You Gone
  5. 5. The Broken
  6. 6. She Don't Know
  7. 7. Nothing's Free
  8. 8. You Did It
  9. 9. Partner In Crime
  10. 10. Here's To Us
  11. 11. The Wall
  12. 12. Right This Time

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Aug 06
    Las Vegas, NV, US Lit, Alien Ant Farm, and Lit and Alien Ant Farm at Go Pool at Flamingo Las Vegas
  • Aug 09
    Denver, CO, US Tantric and Lit with Rubber Planet, Lamb Bed, and 1 more… at Herman's Hideaway
  • Aug 10
    Sturgis, SD, US Lit at Iron Horse Saloon
  • Aug 11
    Billings, MT, US Lit at The Pub Station
  • Aug 11
    Three Forks, MT, US Rockin' The Rivers 2017
  • Aug 19
    Junction City, KS, US Lit at Fort Riley Army Base
  • Sep 26
    Perth, WA, Australia Alien Ant Farm and Lit with CKY and Hoobastank at Metro City
  • Sep 27
    Adelaide, SA, Australia Lit, Wheatus, CKY, Hoobastank, and 1 more… at Thebarton Theatre
  • Sep 28
    Sydney, NSW, Australia Alien Ant Farm and Lit with CKY and Hoobastank at Big Top, Luna Park
  • Sep 29
    Brisbane, QLD, Australia Lit, Alien Ant Farm, CKY, Hoobastank, and 1 more… at Eatons Hill Hotel & Function Centre
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