New Releases For August 27, 2013

Linda Oh
Sun Pictures

Linda Oh - Sun Pictures

Named for the world's oldest operating outdoor cinema found in the Chinatown quarter in Broome, Australia, Sun Pictures is the third album by Malaysian-born NYC based bassist/composer Linda Oh.

Drawing inspiration as an increasingly in-demand collaborator with jazz heavy-weights including Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas, Oh offers listeners an intimate, live-to-2-track session with tiny snapshot compositions, continuing to assert herself as a leader in the new generation of jazz.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Polyphonic HMI"


  1. 1. Shutterspeed Deams
  2. 2. Polyphonic HMI
  3. 3. Footfall
  4. 4. Blue Over Gold
  5. 5. Yoda
  6. 6. Terminal 3
  7. 10. Minutes Til Closing