New Releases For August 21, 2012

Leyla Fences
Itty Bitty Twang Twang

Leyla Fences - Itty Bitty Twang Twang

'The Twang is the Thang in Leyla's new CD itty bitty twang twang...from the reflections of 'I Wonder' to kickin' cuts like 'Pain Relief' and the big hook of 'Get the Truck Outta Here,' it's trad-country all the way. It's really a great collection of original country songs that my audience is going to love.' - Ken Bass (Variety 95.1 FM - KALH)

Traditional country drinking, cheating and dancing songs with Texas flavor, modern lyrics, sonic production and plenty of sassy wit.

Never sweet, rarely romantic, always fun!

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"Pain Relief"


  1. 1. Get The Truck Outta Here
  2. 2. Something Right
  3. 3. Pretty Lies
  4. 4. What I Do
  5. 5. Too Far Gone
  6. 6. The Next Time
  7. 7. How Things Have Changed
  8. 8. One More Honky Tonk
  9. 9. I Wonder
  10. 10. I'll Stop My Whining
  11. 11. Pain Relief
  12. 12. The Cards
  13. 13. Trophy Wife
  14. 14. We'll Just Figure It Out
  15. 15. Get The Truck Outta Here (Karaoke Version)