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Les McCann
Invitation To Openness (Reissue)

Les McCann - Invitation To Openness (Reissue)

Since its first release in 1972, Les McCann’s Invitation To Openness has remained a landmark statement in free-form improvisation mixed with soulful grooves. The album features a 26 minute continuous track with expressive instrumentation from the likes of Yusuf Lateef, Cornell Dupree, Bernard Purdie, and Alphonse Mouzon.

Whether you already know this album or not, there’s two treats in store for you. First off, are the new liner notes by Peter Relic, who interviewed the key participants of this album (including producer Joel Dorn before he passed on). Here’s a chance to hear from Dorn, drummer Donald Dean, and bassist Jimmy Rowser.

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"Compared To What (Live ’75)"


  1. 1. The Lovers
  2. 2. Beaux J. Poo Boo
  3. 3. Poo Pye Mcgoochie (And His Friends)
  4. Bonus Track:
  5. 4. Compared To What (Live ’75)