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Leeroy Stagger
Love Versus

Leeroy Stagger - Love Versus

“There has always been a swagger about Stagger, a slightly cocky self- confidence that’s actually quite endearing. His sound and vocals have a somewhat loose and ragged feel that brings Paul Westerberg to mind, and there’s an open and honest feel to his unaffected voice.” – Exclaim!

“There are few people you feel you get to know through their music more than Stagger.” – The Calgary Herald

It’s been said before that love is a battlefield, and on his latest album, Leeroy Stagger comes well-armed. His ever-evolving fusion of roots, rock and pop reaches new heights, resulting in 10 tracks that confirm his status as one of Canada’s best contemporary singer-songwriters.

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"I Want It All"


  1. 1. I Want It All
  2. 2. Love Versus
  3. 3. Enemy Inside
  4. 4. Crooked Old World
  5. 5. Little Brother
  6. 6. Run Rabbit Run
  7. 7. Joe Strummer And Joey Ramone
  8. 8. Living In The Future
  9. 9. $1500 A Day (Song For Elliott)
  10. 10. Until The End Of Time

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 14
    Tranas, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Plan B
  • May 15
    Gislaved, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Hylte Folkbibliotek
  • May 16
    Borås, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Klubb Undergrunden
  • May 17
    Halmstad, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Unknown venue
  • May 19
    Uppsala, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Katalin
  • May 20
    Oslo, Norway Leeroy Stagger at John Dee
  • May 21
    Malmö, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Folk å Rock
  • May 22
    Stockholm, Sweden Leeroy Stagger at Nalen Klubb
  • May 29
    Beverungen, Germany Orange Blossom Special Festival 2020
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