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Leaves' Eyes
King Of Kings

Leaves' Eyes - King Of Kings

For more than a decade now, Leaves’ Eyes have been setting world history to music and undeniably, by doing so, have raced to the top of the symphonic metal tree. With their new monumental epic King Of Kings, the band now further justifies their leading position as a compass in the genre and re-awakes the thousand-year legend of Norway’s first king, Harald Fairhair, in the process. Again this band prove their amazing talent of capturing sagas and legends of the past and truly making them come alive in the here and now. Welcome the Vikings.

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"King Of Kings"


  1. 1. Sweven
  2. 2. King Of Kings
  3. 3. Halvdan The Black
  4. 4. The Waking Eye
  5. 5. Feast Of The Year
  6. 6. Vengeance Venom
  7. 7. Sacred Vow
  8. 8. Edge Of Steel
  9. 9. Haraldskvæði
  10. 10. Blazing Waters
  11. 11. Swords In Rock