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Laura Marling
Once I Was An Eagle

Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle

Once I Was An Eagle, the follow up to 2011's stand-out A Creature I Don't Know, is a hugely ambitious album reflecting the poise and confidence of a songwriter far beyond her years (23).

Recorded in the English countryside with longtime collaborator and producer Ethan Johns, the album's loose narrative traverses heartbreak, vulnerability, resurgence, confidence, and lastly contemplation. Once I Was An Eagle steps farther outside the conventions of Laura's previous albums, an opportunity to fully explore her songwriting process while abandoning expectations.

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"Master Hunter"


  1. 1. Take The Night Off
  2. 2. I Was An Eagle
  3. 3. You Know
  4. 4. Breathe
  5. 5. Master Hunter
  6. 6. Little Love Caster
  7. 7. Devil's Resting Place
  8. 8. Interlude
  9. 9. Undine
  10. 10. Once
  11. 11. Once
  12. 12. Pray For Me
  13. 13. When Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)
  14. 14. Love Be Brave
  15. 15. Little Bird
  16. 16. Saved These Words

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