New Releases For March 22, 2011

Laura Jansen

Laura Jansen - Bells

Laura Jansen is primed to break out in 2011 with her U.S. debut album Bells, a breathtaking collection of dreamy, piano-based alt-pop songs. Born in the Netherlands to a family constantly on the move, the L.A.-based Jansen spent her teens moving around Europe and the U.S. That sense of longing for connection and a hunt for home, along with a Christmas Day end to a rocky relationship, deeply affects the Hotel Café mainstay's music.

Bells, already platinum in Jansen's native Holland, is a layered confection of piano melodies and pristine vocals, with all songs written by Jansen except for a stunning, bare-bones cover of Kings of Leon's 'Use Somebody,' which has spent over a year in the top regions of the Dutch singles chart. 'Single Girls,' the albums emotionally loaded first single, is a breathy, delicate pop metaphor for the devastation of getting your heart smashed to pieces. Title track 'Bells,' inspired by the homesickness felt after a real-life breakup and the pealing of church bells is a pure outpouring of sweetness and grief. But it's not all songs of woe. At the other end of the spectrum, the playful, wily 'Wicked World' transforms seemingly innocent fairy tales into stories of wanton naughtiness and urges listeners to let down their hair to its ragtime beat.

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"The End"


  1. 1. The End
  2. 2. Bells
  3. 3. Single Girls
  4. 4. Wicked World
  5. 5. Perfect
  6. 6. Soijah
  7. 7. Use Somebody
  8. 8. Come To Me
  9. 9. Elijah
  10. 10. Signal