New Releases For May 29, 2012

Larry Stephenson
What Really Matters

Larry Stephenson - What Really Matters

Larry Stephenson delivers one of the finest albums of his career on his Compass Records debut What Really Matters. The album comes on the heels of the Larry Stephenson Band's win for Recorded Event of the Year at the 2010 International Bluegrass Music Awards for his bluegrass star-studded previous effort, 20th Anniversary, Stephenson again teaming up with co-producer Ben Surratt.

Armed with 12 outstanding tracks and surrounded by a road-tested band that includes Kenny Ingram (banjo), Kevin Richardson (guitar) and Danny Stewart (bass), Stephenson's distinctive vocals are showcased to great effect. Featuring special guest, Sam Bush.

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"Philadelphia Lawyer"


  1. 1. My Heart Is On The Mend
  2. 2. What Really Matters
  3. 3. You're Too Easy To Remember
  4. 4. God Will
  5. 5. Philadelphia Lawyer
  6. 6. Seashores Of Old Mexico
  7. 7. I See Love
  8. 8. The Blues Don't Care
  9. 9. Big Train
  10. 10. Jericho Road
  11. 11. Bear Tracks
  12. 12. Before I'm Over You