New Releases For January 22, 2016

Landen Vieira

Landen Vieira - Dream

Saxophonist Landen Vieira makes his debut with his much-anticipated album Dream. Featuring a line-up of established and rising all-star musicians, the album shifts from bright swing to lyrical ballad and leads up to an impressive conclusion. In six original pieces, lush harmonies and intricate melodies meet a myriad of styles ranging from blues to Latin jazz. While providing innovative compositions such as the first track, “Light Piece,” the album always keeps the jazz tradition in context and focuses on strong, memorable melodies.

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"Do It"


  1. 1. Light Piece
  2. 2. Do It
  3. 3. Vista
  4. 4. Dove
  5. 5. Two Blocks East
  6. 6. Dream