New Releases For February 5, 2013

Ladyfinger (ne)
Errant Forms

Ladyfinger (ne) - Errant Forms

Errant Forms finds Ladyfinger (ne) back with producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Minus the Bear). Their mix of classic rock bombast and punk grit is back on display in tracks 'Galactic' and 'Poison For Hire,' while 'Birds' paints an ominous vision of atonement over subtle guitars that slowly build until absolution is realized with the pounding drums and organ that emerge at the song's climax. 'Dark Horse' is an ode to escapism that stands out for being as solemn as it is anthemic.

Errant Forms adds a new level of musical nuance and lyrical breadth to Ladyfinger (ne)'s already dynamic sound.

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"Dark Horse"


  1. 1. Renew
  2. 2. Birds
  3. 3. Away Too Long
  4. 4. Galactic
  5. 5. Dark Horse
  6. 6. Poison For Hire
  7. 7. Hole In My Sole
  8. 8. Meathead
  9. 9. Blue Oyster
  10. 10. He Said She Said