New Releases For June 30, 2015

LA Priest

LA Priest - Inji

Inji is the debut solo album by Sam Dust, AKA LA Priest. Across its ten audaciously imaginative tracks Inji reasserts Dust as a truly idiosyncratic voice in British music, applying the same eclectic and absurd spirit of his previous band, the beloved Late Of The Pier, to ever more nuanced and affecting songwriting and composition. From the obscene space-age stadium rock guitar solo of "Oino" to "Learning To Love," the record's gargantuan prog-house centrepiece, Inji confounds and delights in equal measure and at every turn.

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  1. 1. Occasion
  2. 2. Lady's In Trouble With The Law
  3. 3. Gene Washes With New Arm
  4. 4. Oino
  5. 5. Party Zute / Learning To Love
  6. 6. Lorry Park
  7. 7. Night Train
  8. 8. Fabby
  9. 9. A Good Sign
  10. 10. Mountain