New Releases For August 31, 2010

Kyle Andrews
Kangaroo EP

Kyle Andrews - Kangaroo EP

With his Kangaroo EP, Kyle Andrews returns to bright, sunny pop. As always, it's catchy with a measured dose of synths and beats but belies a sweetness that endears Kyle to anyone who gives it a listen.

'You Make Me Smile' is currently featured in a global Holiday Inn campaign and 'Kangaroo' is currently being featured in a Chex Mix ad.

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"You Always Make Me Smile"


  1. 1. You Always Make Me Smile
  2. 2. Kangaroo
  3. 3. Sushi (Slow Dancing At The Prom Mix)
  4. 4. Lov3r
  5. 5. Don't Feel Left Out
  6. 6. You Always Make Me Smile (Remix!)