New Releases For April 7, 2015


Kuroma - Kuromarama

Kuroma came together out of the friendship of four individuals from different backgrounds and locations, united by their desire to make music with one another, common ideals, MGMT, Metallica concerts and…summer camp… Kuromarama is the result of a long road, and is a fully realized record carefully designed with subtle nuances, catchy hooks, garage rock abandonment and pure unadulterated pop splendor bursting throughout. The infectious sound of the band is sure to impress new audiences this Spring when Kuroma join psych-pop peers Ex-Hex, Tennis and Tame Impala on tour. Kuromarama is spreading.

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  1. 1. 20+Centuries
  2. 2. Running People
  3. 3. Love Is On The Way
  4. 4. Big Bad Money
  5. 5. Passionate People
  6. 6. Simon's In The Jungle!
  7. 7. Evan Mann
  8. 8. Case Logic
  9. 9. 30601
  10. 10. Thee Only Childe