New Releases For May 13, 2014

Kris Delmhorst
Blood Test

Kris Delmhorst - Blood Test

Kris Delmhorst's new release describes a moment of reckoning and centering in the songwriter's life, and in society as a whole. In this collection, Delmhorst acknowledges the weary work of an intentioned life - and the new American dream of presence and perspective in a frenetic time.

Featuring new collaborators - friend and fellow songwriter Anders Parker (Varnaline, Gob Iron, New Multitudes), and bandmates drummer Konrad Meissner (Brandi Carlile, The Silos) and multi-instrumentalist Mark Spencer (Blood Oranges, Lisa Loeb, Laura Cantrell, Son Volt).

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"Blood Test"


  1. 1. Blood Test
  2. 2. Homeless
  3. 3. 92nd St
  4. 4. Saw It All
  5. 5. Bees
  6. 6. We Deliver
  7. 7. Little Frame
  8. 8. Bright Green World
  9. 9. Temporary Sun
  10. 10. Hushabye
  11. 11. My Ohio
  12. 12. Lighthouse

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