New Releases For November 24, 2014

Knife Party
Abandon Ship

Knife Party - Abandon Ship

The eagerly awaited debut LP from Knife Party, Abandon Ship has arrived.

By now Knife Party is a name with which anyone with even a passing interest in electronic music will be familiar. In the three years since the mysterious duo, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen, emerged; their singular approach and ferocious productions have driven their rapid ascent through dance music's ranks from unknown entity to dance floor conquering scene leaders, and festival headliners.


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"Boss Mode"


  1. 1. Reconnect
  2. 2. Resistance
  3. 3. Boss Mode
  4. 4. EDM Trend Machine
  5. 5. 404
  6. 6. Begin Again
  7. 7. Give It Up
  8. 8. D.I.M.H.
  9. 9. Micropeni
  10. 10. Superstar
  11. 11. Red Dawn
  12. 12. Kaleidoscope