New Releases For August 30, 2011

I've Failed You

Kittie - I've Failed You

If you're looking for subtle, look somewhere else. Kittie have never been for the faint of heart, but on their new release I've Failed You the Canadian quartet redefines the scope of their heavy metal vision. They forge extreme anger with extreme vulnerability, splatter innocence with a foreboding doom, and bleed beauty and ugliness into a swirling aural mask. I've Failed You leverages the raw nerves of a brittle psyche against an unyielding human spirit, and elevates Kittie to all new extremes.

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"Empires (Part 2)"


  1. 1. I've Failed You
  2. 2. We are the Lamb
  3. 3. Whisper Of Death
  4. 4. What have I Done?
  5. 5. Empires (Part 1)
  6. 6. Empires (Part 2)
  7. 7. Come Undone
  8. 8. Already Dead
  9. 9. Never Come Home
  10. 10. Ugly
  11. 11. Time Never Heals