New Releases For June 30, 2015

Kissing Candice
Blind Until We Burn

Kissing Candice - Blind Until We Burn

Kissing Candice spawned from the ashes of Long Island, NY’s Dr. Acula and gave rise to a diverse project that combines metal, hardcore, industrial and electronic music. Profoundly influenced with horror movie culture and described as “gore core,” Kissing Candice aim to recall the cinematic potency and grimness of bands like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson on their debut full-length album, Blind Until We Burn. Vocalist Joey Simpson exclaims, "Kissing Candice is proud to be a part of the Victory Records family and beyond excited to bring the shock back to rock. Our debut album will cement nightmares in your sleep.”

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Put ‘Em Up"


  1. 1. Unloaded
  2. 2. My Perfect Hell
  3. 3. Chart Topper
  4. 4. Tusk
  5. 5. Misdirection
  6. 6. Recycled L.I.E.
  7. 7. Put ‘Em Up
  8. 8. Shop Smart
  9. 9. Mistaken For Manson
  10. 10. Decomposer
  11. 11. Roach Motel
  12. 12. KPM
  13. 13. Slugworth