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Kirk Whalum
Romance Language

Kirk Whalum - Romance Language

The John Coltrane/Johnny Hartman classic re-imagined and re-romanced for a new era of lovers.

The scenario: A titan tenor saxophone stylist - set apart, amongst other things, by his very personal sound - decides to go into the studio with a singer he admires and feels is vastly underrated. There are many objectives for the session, top among them being to record an album of ballads and to garner wider recognition for the singer through the fans of the sax player and the vocalist's sheer talent.

John Coltrane teaming up with Johnny Hartman in 1963... and Kirk Whalum's latest project featuring his brother Kevin entitled Romance Language (in spite of the many years that separate these recordings) bear many more similarities than differences. In fact the end result is exactly the same; romance at a level so intense that verbal language alone is inadequate to portray. Here's an attempt: easily two of the most romantic jazz albums of their respective eras.

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"Spend My Life With You"


  1. 1. They Say It's Wonderful
  2. 2. Dedicated To You
  3. 3. My One And Only Love
  4. 4. Lush Life
  5. 5. You Are Too Beautiful
  6. 6. Autumn Serenade
  7. 7. Almost Doesn't Count
  8. 8. I Wish I Wasn't
  9. 9. I Wanna Know
  10. 10. Spend My Life With You

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 22
    Detroit, MI, US Kirk Whalum and Keiko Matsui at The Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre
  • Jul 25
    Cincinnati, OH, US Cincinnati Music Festival Presented by P&G 2020
  • Aug 06
    Lyon, France Rick Braun River Cruise Getaway Week 1 2020
  • Aug 13
    Arles, France Rick Braun River Cruise Getaway Week 2 2020
  • Sep 12
    Mableton, GA, US Kirk Whalum, Maysa, Lindsey Webster, Paul Taylor, and 2 moreā€¦ at Mable House Barnes Amphitheatre
  • Nov 22
    San Antonio, TX, US Kirk Whalum at Charline McCombs Empire Theatre
  • Apr 10
    Reading, PA, US Boscovs Berks Jazz Fest Presents Keiko Matsui & Kirk Whalum 2021
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