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Kingsland Road
We Are The Young

Kingsland Road - We Are The Young

Kingsland Road are exporting their fun, upbeat indie-pop to the US with their debut album We Are The Young. After a shocking early exit from The X-Factor UK the lads picked themselves up and did it on their own, spending the next six months touring, putting their earnings into studio time, and working with some of the best writers/producers in the industry, including Ollie Green, Lewis Mokler (One Direction), Jason Perry (McFly), Jamie Seller (The Wanted) and Cam Blackwood (George Ezra). The result is an album full of high energy, exuberant tracks that are as catchy as they are fun.

TAGS: Indie Pop | Pop

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"Dirty Dancer"


  1. 1. We Are The Young
  2. 2. Misbehave
  3. 3. Dirty Dancer
  4. 4. Freedom
  5. 5. Girl With No Name
  6. 6. Never Too Late
  7. 7. Shoreline
  8. 8. He's Got It Coming
  9. 9. Heaven Knows
  10. 10. Walk Away
  11. 11. Dirty Dancer (Remix)