New Releases For June 8, 2010

Kingdom of Sorrow
Behind the Blackest Tears

Kingdom of Sorrow - Behind the Blackest Tears

Metal legends Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) and Kirk Windstein (Down, Crowbar) return with Behind the Blackest Tears, the second album from their acclaimed group Kingdom of Sorrow. Behind the Blackest Tears pushes their legendary songwriting talents even further as evidence by the unforgettable 'Enlightened to Extinction,' the devastating 'God's Law in the Devil's Land,' the title track, and the fragile, haunting 'From Heroes to Dust.'. With a sound as large as their reputations, and some of the best songwriting the genre has seen in years, Behind the Blackest Tears is destined to become a genre classic!

TAGS: Metal

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"God's Law In The Devil's Land"


  1. 1. Enlightened To Extinction
  2. 2. God's Law In The Devil's Land
  3. 3. Monuments Of Ash
  4. 4. Behind The Blackest Tears
  5. 5. Envision The Divide
  6. 6. From Heroes To Dust
  7. 7. Along The Path To Ruin
  8. 8. With Barely A Breath
  9. 9. The Death We Owe
  10. 10. Sleeping Beast
  11. 11. Torchlight Procession
  12. 12. Salvation Denied