New Releases For May 15, 2012

Kim Free
Angel Shadow (Vinyl)

Kim Free - Angel Shadow (Vinyl)

Angel Shadow is the debut album from Los Angeles singer/songwriter Kim Free. A fourth-generation musician - she started playing violin at five years old. Kim's influences range from classical to soul to unrepentant pop.

She's lent her musicianship to records by Lavender Diamond and Devon Williams, and her bedroom demo tapes have brought her an international cult following. This vinyl pressing - strictly limited to 500 copies - is the only physical release of Angel Shadow. Kim Free will be touring the US this Fall.

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"Every Day"


  1. 1. Diamond Channel
  2. 2. Breaking Spells
  3. 3. Ease Into Piece
  4. 4. Suck On You Forever
  5. 5. I Don't Know Why
  6. 6. Promise You Love Me
  7. 7. Night Waltz
  8. 8. Guantanamo
  9. 9. Every Day
  10. 10. Goodbye My Love
  11. 11. Silver Screen