New Releases For February 21, 2012

Kevn Kinney
A Good Country Mile

Kevn Kinney - A Good Country Mile

Born from numerous jam sessions in a smoke filled, coffee stained New York basement, a good country mile, is the latest collaboration between longtime associates and friends Kevn Kinney (Drivin N Cryin) and Anton Fier (the Golden Palominos).

This ten track collection is a mix of new songs, a handful of reinterpretations of previously released Kinney and Drivin N Cryin material, and a couple of treasured cover tunes. Featured musicians include Anton Fier, Chris Masterson, Jim Campilongo, Andy Hess, Tony Scherr, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jon Cowherd, Eleanor Masterson, Leslie Mendelson and Lianne Smith.

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"In The Land (Of Things That Used To Be)"


  1. 1. Never Gonna Change
  2. 2. Gotta Move On (Again)
  3. 3. Challenge
  4. 4. Hurricane
  5. 5. Wild Dog Moon (Part 2)
  6. 6. A Good Country Mile
  7. 7. Set In Stone
  8. 8. Bird
  9. 9. In The Land (Of Things That Used To Be)
  10. 10. Southwestern State