New Releases For November 23, 2010

Kevin Eubanks
Zen Food

Kevin Eubanks - Zen Food

Guitarist Kevin Eubanks held one of the most coveted chairs in television for nearly 18 years as the leader of The Tonight Show Band, then his muse struck and prompted him to take his axe and move on.

Zen Food is his first release for Mack Avenue Records, and his first studio release in over a decade.

Look for the Kevin Eubanks tour in the beginning of 2011.

TAGS: Jazz

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"Spider Monkey Café"


  1. 1. The Dancing Sea
  2. 2. Spider Monkey Café
  3. 3. The Dirty Monk
  4. 4. Adoration
  5. 5. Los Angeles
  6. 6. I Remember Loving You
  7. 7. 6/8
  8. 8. G.G.
  9. 9. Offering
  10. 10. Das It

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