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Keri Hilson
No Boys Allowed

Keri Hilson - No Boys Allowed

R&B/Pop singer Keri Hilson is rallying women on her eagerly awaited sophomore album No Boys Allowed.

The first single, 'Pretty Girl Rock' (produced by Ne-Yo) is an ode to self confidence, and the video, shot by famed director Joseph Kahn (U2, Gwen Stefani) has everyone from Perez Hilton to Billboard ecstatic about Keri's tribute to women like Janet Jackson, Diana Ross and TLC that have rocked throughout the ages.

The album encompasses the past two years of Keri's life, she's gone from a hit songwriter responsible for hits by Britney Spears, Pussy Cat Dolls, Mary J. Blige, and Usher to a Grammy nominated singer with #1 songs under her own belt. No Boys Allowed is a deeply personal project designed to bring women to their feet.

The provocative title, is not what you may think, says Hilson. 'It's not about excluding men. It's more about women understanding that there comes a time in your life when you want a man. A real man. A grown up. Not a boy. And that's not a bad thing.'

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  1. 1. Buyou (feat. J. Cole)
  2. 2. Pretty Girl Rock
  3. 3. The Way You Love Me (feat. Rick Ross)
  4. 4. Bahm Bahm [Do It Once Again] (I Want You)
  5. 5. One Night Stand (feat. Chris Brown)
  6. 6. Lose Control (Let Me Down) (feat. Nelly)
  7. 7. Toy Soldier
  8. 8. Breaking Point
  9. 9. Beautiful Mistake
  10. 10. Gimme What I Want
  11. 11. All The Boys
  12. 12. Pretty Girl Rock (feat. Kanye West)