New Releases For April 22, 2014


Kelis - Food

Kelis describes her sixth album as 'a kind of unspoken lovefest', involving two unlikely partners. Food is a startling combination of Kelis' most frank and vulnerable vocals to date, and Dave Sitek's (TV on the Radio) inimitable sonic imprint. Littered with transcendent, Spector-esque lift, warm bottom ends and vast depth, the music is the perfect backdrop for Kelis' unique voice. The latter has only improved with time and experience, and the album candidly explores pain, happiness and everything in between.

TAGS: Club/Dance | Neo Soul | Pop | R&B | Soul

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"Jerk Ribs"


  1. 1. Breakfast
  2. 2. Jerk Ribs
  3. 3. Forever Be
  4. 4. Floyd
  5. 5. Runnin'
  6. 6. Hooch
  7. 7. Cobbler
  8. 8. Bless The Telephone
  9. 9. Friday Fish Fry
  10. 10. Change
  11. 11. Rumble
  12. 12. Biscuits N' Gravy

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