New Releases For July 17, 2012

Keith Betti
Company Loves Misery

Keith Betti - Company Loves Misery

For all the bittersweet twang and folksy melodies on singer/songwriter Keith Betti's latest album, Company Loves Misery, the ghost of George Harrison haunts the premises like no other. Harrison isn't named-checked on Betti's biography and nor is he mentioned on his store page. Nevertheless, the soaring melodies of 'Found a Love' and the sunny warmth of 'It's a Long Way Down' are marked with Harrison's fingerprints. Being compared to one of the Beatles is certainly high praise, but Betti deserves it.

'The Chicago-based artist has produced one of the year's most impressive records, a heartfelt collection of sharply written Americana.' Stacey Zering - No Depression

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"Found A Love"


  1. 1. Be Beside Me
  2. 2. Snowin' On Raton
  3. 3. Found A Love
  4. 4. Stayin'
  5. 5. It's A Long Way Down
  6. 6. No Place To Fall
  7. 7. That Ol' Train
  8. 8. To Say Goodbye
  9. 9. Yellow Moon