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Hopes And Fears (Deluxe Edition)

Keane - Hopes And Fears (Deluxe Edition)

In 2004, Keane released their debut album, Hopes and Fears, selling over 5.8 million copies worldwide and landing a top 10 spot on the Billboard 200. The album was also voted one of the "Best British Albums" ever in a Q Magazine poll.

The new DELUXE EDITION presents the original album plus a second disc featuring previously unreleased and rare material, including the early demo "Into The Light," recordings from their earliest radio sessions, the b-side and fan favorite "Snowed Under" (from "Somewhere Only We Know"), and their debut self released singles.

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"Somewhere Only We Know - Live"


  1. DISC ONE:
  2. Somewhere Only We Know
  3. Bend And Break
  4. We Might As Well Be Strangers
  5. Everybody's Changing
  6. Your Eyes Open
  7. She Has No Time
  8. Can't Stop Now
  9. Sunshine
  10. This Is The Last Time
  11. On A Day Like Today
  12. Untitled 1
  13. Bedshaped
  14. Somewhere Only We Know - Lamacq Live
  15. Bedshaped - Lamacq Live
  16. Bend And Break - Lamacq Live
  17. We Might As Well Be Strangers - Lamacq Live
  18. This Is The Last Time - Jo Whiley Live Lounge
  19. With Or Without You - Jo Whiley Live Lounge
  20. A Heart To Hold You - Jo Whiley Live Lounge

  21. DISC TWO:
  22. Snowed Under (B-side)
  23. We Might As Well Be Strangers (DJ Shadow Remix)
  24. Into The Light (Demo - Unreleased)
  25. Call Me What You Like (Demo - Zoomorphic single 1)
  26. Closer Now (Zoomorphic single 1)
  27. Rubbernecking (Zoomorphic single 1)
  28. Wolf At The Door (Zoomorphic single 2)
  29. She Has No Time (Demo - Zoomorphic single 2)
  30. Call Me What You Like (Zoomorphic single 2)
  31. Everybody's Changing (Fierce Panda single 1)
  32. The Way You Want It (Fierce Panda single 1)
  33. This Is The Last Time (Demo - Fierce Panda single 2)
  34. Bedshaped (Demo - Fierce Panda single 2)
  35. Allemande (Fierce Panda single 2)

  36. LIVE EP - Released 5th May 2005:
  37. Somewhere Only We Know - Live
  38. We Might As Well Be Strangers - Live
  39. This Is The Last Time - Live
  40. Everybody's Changing - Live

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 20
    Madrid, Spain Noches del Botánico 2019
  • Jun 26
    Berlin, Germany Keane at Lido
  • Jul 05
    Oxfordshire, UK Cornbury Festival 2019
  • Jul 14
    London, UK Robbie Williams, Black Eyed Peas, Keane, Texas, and 1 more… at Hyde Park
  • Jul 20
    Madrid, Spain Keane at Noches del Botánico 2019
  • Jul 21
    Valencia, Spain 4everValencia 2019
  • Aug 06
    New York, NY, US Keane at The Bowery Ballroom
  • Aug 08
    Boulder, CO, US Keane, Citizen Cope, and Jade Bird at Fox Theatre & Cafe
  • Aug 12
    West Hollywood, CA, US Keane at The Roxy Theatre
  • Sep 07
    The Hague, Netherlands Keane at Noorderstrand Scheveningen
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