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Kathy Mattea
Pretty Bird

Kathy Mattea - Pretty Bird

Kathy Mattea has enjoyed the kind of success many artists only dream of: two Grammy wins, four CMA Awards, five gold albums, and a platinum collection of her greatest hits. Recorded over the course of a year with roots music wizard Tim O’Brien at the helm, Pretty Bird draws its strength not only from Mattea’s touching performances, but also from her ability to weave seemingly disparate material into a cohesive whole. These are the songs that helped her reclaim her voice, and they’re drawn from a wide swath of writers, genres, and eras.

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"Ode To Bille Joe"


  1. 1. Chocolate On My Tongue
  2. 2. Ode To Bille Joe
  3. 3. Mercy Now
  4. 4. Little Glass Of Wine
  5. 5. He Moves Through The Fair
  6. 6. St. Teresa
  7. 7. This Love Will Carry
  8. 8. October Song
  9. 9. Tell Me What You Ache For
  10. 10. Holy Now
  11. 11. I Can't Stand Up Alone
  12. 12. Pretty Bird

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 01
    Lubbock, TX, US Kathy Mattea at Cactus Theater
  • May 03
    Dallas, TX, US Kathy Mattea with Royal Wood at Poor David's Pub
  • Jun 06
    Virginia Beach, VA, US Kathy Mattea at Sandler Center for the Performing Arts
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