New Releases For April 10, 2012

Kate McGarry
Girl Talk

Kate McGarry - Girl Talk

Kate McGarry, one of her generation's most individual and influential singers, has earned acclaim for blending her love of folk and pop music with jazz fluency and improvisation.

As the Nashville Scene said, the sweet-toned, Grammy Award-nominated vocalist 'embraces jazz's freedom yet points the genre toward a future that's as fresh and thrilling as its past.'

On Girl Talk, McGarry pays homage to her role models among the great women of the jazz vocal tradition, from Betty Carter to Sheila Jordan to Carmen McRae. McGarry, although inspired by tradition, makes the album's songs feel utterly contemporary, not only through her distinctly 21st-century musical personality but through the personal emotions and sexual politics at play.

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"I Just Found Out About Love"


  1. 1. We Kiss In A Shadow
  2. 2. Girl Talk
  3. 3. I Just Found Out About Love
  4. 4. The Man I Love
  5. 5. O Cantador
  6. 6. This Heart Of Mine
  7. 7. I Know That You Know
  8. 8. Looking Back
  9. 9. Charade
  10. 10. It's A Wonderful World