New Releases For June 19, 2012

Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke - Nightflight

On the heels of her successful US and European tours opening for Ben Folds, and critically acclaimed performances at SXSW, Coachella and Lilith Fair, chart-topping Australian singer songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke drops Nightflight, her first solo album in two years. Nightflight, recently debuted at #2 in OZ, and for the stateside release, Kate will be returning for live shows in select cities, including residencies at LA's Hotel Café and New York's Rockwood Music Hall.

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"Ride This Feeling"


  1. 1. Ride This Feeling
  2. 2. Sarah
  3. 3. Nightflight
  4. 4. The Tiger Inside Will Eat The Child
  5. 5. Let Me Fade
  6. 6. I'll Change Your Mind
  7. 7. Humiliation
  8. 8. In The Dark
  9. 9. Beautiful Darling
  10. 10. The Devil Wears A Suit
  11. 11. Fire And Iron

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