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Kate Crash
My Zombie Nation EP (Digital Only)

Kate Crash - My Zombie Nation EP (Digital Only)

A fusion of glam, punk and incredible beats, LA-based Kate Crash is a one of a kind, multi-faceted artist. Kate Crash's EP, My Zombie Nation, is being released digitally on Blackheart Records, and will be released physically soon after. All tracks were written by Kate and were produced by Nick Launay (Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeah's, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). Songs from the EP will be featured on MTV's new season of Jersey Shore, which premieres August 4th. Keep a lookout for the 'Generation of the Bored' music video coming soon.

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"Generation Of The Bored"


  1. 1. Generation Of The Bored
  2. 2. Ain't Got Much
  3. 3. Yumi & the Sound
  4. 4. Sawago
  5. 5. Ain't Got Much (Remix)