New Releases For April 3, 2012

Kate Campbell
1000 Pound Machine

Kate Campbell - 1000 Pound Machine

Singer-songwriter Kate Campbell took up piano at age seven before switching to the guitar as a teenager during the folk-rock heyday of the 70s. Since then, over the course of thirteen albums, she has written, recorded and performed almost exclusively on the acoustic guitar.

On 1000 Pound Machine Campbell returns to the instrument of her childhood and enlists Will Kimbrough to produce the eleven-song disc. Campbell's subtle piano and crystal-clear vocals are complimented by sparse arrangements featuring Kimbrough's consummate guitar playing and soulful sounds from the legendary Spooner Oldham.

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"Red Clay After Rain"


  1. 1. 1000 Pound Machine
  2. 2. Wait For Another Day
  3. 3. Montgomery To Mobile
  4. 4. Red Clay After Rain
  5. 5. Spoonerville
  6. 6. The Occasional Wailer
  7. 7. Alabama Department Of Corrections Meditation Blues
  8. 8. I Will Be Your Rest
  9. 9. God Bless You Arthur Blessitt
  10. 10. 1000 Pound Machine (Reprise)