New Releases For March 19, 2013

KaiL Baxley
Heatstroke / The Wind And The War

KaiL Baxley - Heatstroke / The Wind And The War

After years of singing for his supper across the South, KaiL found himself in California. Within a few months, he was in the studio with some of LA's finest musicians. The result is his debut effort, a double EP drawing heavily on both the literary and musical influences of his Irish/Southern roots.

'It's as if he tells his life story through this Victorian veil with the haunting, indie folk of The Wind And The War EP. Then, the HeatStroke EP drops us in 'The Dirty South', mixing blues, hip-hop, gospel and soul with a swagger all his own...' - Eric Corne

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"Don't Matter To Me"


  1. 1. Don't Matter To Me
  2. 2. Heatstroke
  3. 3. Boy Got It Bad
  4. 4. Sunrise
  5. 5. Say Goodbye To The Night
  6. 6. Legend Of The Western Hills
  7. 7. The Rebel
  8. 8. Black River Son
  9. 9. Old Voices