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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka - Ulysees

The maturity of Justin Nozuka's music, a soulful blend of R&B and pensive singer/songwriter folk that recalls both Nick Drake and Lauryn Hill, belies his tender years: Nozuka was only 18 when his debut album was released, Holly. You I Wind Land and Sea followed in 2010.

Looking to further develop his sound, Nozuka built a home studio and took his time writing and self-producing his spare, elegant third album Ulysees.

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"Right By You"


  1. 1. Nest
  2. 2. Dreaming
  3. 3. Eyes Changing Colour
  4. 4. Blue Velvet Sea
  5. 5. Sweet Lover
  6. 6. Right By You
  7. 7. Iulius
  8. 8. Lull
  9. 9. Hera
  10. 10. Lucerne