New Releases For August 2, 2011

Justin Hines
Days To Recall

Justin Hines - Days To Recall

Justin Hines has thrived all his life against odds that would daunt someone with a less indomitable spirit. Hines has Larsen Syndrome, a joint dislocation condition that confines him to a wheelchair. He admits his condition has provided challenges, but primarily sees the good it has brought him and the inspiration he can provide others. 'There have been so many blessings. It's afforded me so many other opportunities. It's a bit of an attention grabber,' he says. 'But then my job is to keep people interested, and keep their attention with my music.'

Highlights on Days To Recall include the first single, the instantly catchy 'Tell Me I'm Wrong,' a duet with fellow Canadian/actress Jill Hennessy on the plaintive, 'Why Not Love Me' and the uplifting 'Say What You Will.' The latter track took on a life of its own after a South African video featuring the Most Rev. Dr. Desmond Tutu was used as part of a campaign to build 20 schools in 11 days. Hines performed in South Africa this spring and saw the schools that will educate more than 22,000 students.

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"Tell Me I'm Wrong"


  1. 1. Just The Same
  2. 2. Tell Me I'm Wrong
  3. 3. Days To Recall
  4. 4. Come Around
  5. 5. See You Like I Do
  6. 6. Momentarily
  7. 7. Somewhere In The Middle
  8. 8. Nothing Better Than Today
  9. 9. Why Not Love Me
  10. 10. Now There's You
  11. 11. Say What You Will [South African Remix]