New Releases For October 14, 2016

Justin Hayward
All The Way

Justin Hayward - All The Way

Justin Hayward is the possessor of one of the finest and most distinctive voices in melodic rock. Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the Moody Blues since 1966, Justin continues to perform with the group, and alongside his work with the band, he has developed an acclaimed and successful solo career. All The Way brings together many of his best-loved tracks from his work outside the group. Included here is his top ten hit song “Blue Guitar,” here in its original version recorded with members of 10cc. Also included is the brand new song, “The Wind Of Heaven,” written for the film of the same name.

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"The Wind Of Heaven"


  1. 1. Blue Guitar
  2. 2. Forever Autumn
  3. 3. Broken Dream
  4. 4. Troubadour
  5. 5. The Best Is Yet To Come
  6. 6. One Day Someday
  7. 7. One Lonely Room
  8. 8. In Your Blue Eyes
  9. 9. Vincent
  10. 10. Nights In White Satin
  11. 11. Raised On Love
  12. 12. It’s Not Too Late
  13. 13. The Story In Your Eyes
  14. 14. The Western Sky
  15. 15. The Wind Of Heaven

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