New Releases For July 5, 2011

Justin Haigh
People Like Me

Justin Haigh - People Like Me

Featuring twelve strong songs and performances, People Like Me is the kind of country album that used to be commonly made in Nashville. It's from a talent that deserves to be heard by as many people as possible and hopefully that will happen to Justin Haigh as more and more people wrap their ears around People Like Me, a record as good as anything coming out of Music Row in 2011. -

TAGS: Country

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"All My Best Friends (Are Behind Bars)"


  1. 1. All My Best Friends (Are Behind Bars)
  2. 2. Love Me
  3. 3. People Like Me
  4. 4. Jack Daniels On Ice
  5. 5. The Leaving In Your Eyes
  6. 6. Rose In Paradise
  7. 7. Waylon
  8. 8. Monahans
  9. 9. In Jail
  10. 10. Is It Still Cheating
  11. 11. I Ain't Leaving
  12. 12. Gathering Dust